Investments in our schools portfolio support the creation of more “seats” in quality schools in Detroit. Funding is provided to quality schools and networks with the ability to grow and scale; the recruitment of nationally recognized high-performing schools to Detroit; or turnaround efforts of the city’s lower performing schools.

Current School Investments

New Paradigm for Education

New Paradigm for Education (NPFE) is the highest performing charter network in Detroit, serving ~2,500 students across the city. DCF’s investment in New Paradigm for Education will support their efforts to grow and replicate within their existing schools, as well as take on additional schools through turnaround.

Schools Impacted
New Paradigm for Education has six schools in their network, serving Detroit students. The schools include: Detroit Edison Public School Academy (DEPSA); Early College; New Paradigm College Prep; New Paradigm Glazer; New Paradigm Loving; and University Yes.

NPFE has a five year growth plan focused on support and improvement of 1,000 current seats and growth and replication of additional 2,500 seats.