We believe in the future of Detroit and Detroit children.

Our mission is to dramatically change the odds for Detroit youth by ensuring they have exceptional learning and developmental opportunities. DCF partners with schools, leaders and educators to fund proven strategies that remove barriers to success and result in the creation of quality schools and exceptional educators.


Our Values


WE VALUE RESULTS. We are relentless in the pursuit of a better education for Detroit students. We hold ourselves and each of our partners accountable in producing results.


WE VALUE GENEROSITY. Every gift counts. No matter how big or small, your donation matters.


WE VALUE COMMUNITY. We believe that everyone connected to Detroit has a role to play in its comeback, and that the most critical challenge to address is the quality of Detroit’s school system.


WE VALUE OUR MISSION… AND THE STUDENTS THAT WILL BENEFIT. Our mission is simple—to create more seats in good schools so Detroit children are best equipped for college and beyond. Every investment, every action and every decision is made with that in mind.


Why We’re Different


WE ARE TAILORED. Our plan is modeled after the successes of other school system turnaround efforts, but tailored by the learnings of what works in Detroit.


WE ARE PARTNERS. Our grant partners are committed to our mission and we’re committed to theirs. We build trusting relationships and hold each other accountable for success.


WE ARE THOUGHTFUL. We believe to improve education in Detroit, the approach needs to be laser-focused and disciplined. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. We make informed investments, personalized to each partner to maximize results.


WE ARE DILIGENT. All investments are carefully vetted by a multi-layer review process and are rigorously monitored for impact and results.


WE EXPECT RESULTS. We invest in organizations with leaders that have a track record of success. We set expectations and benchmarks to measure each partners’ success, and discontinue funding if results are not satisfactory.