We believe in the inherent genius of every child in Detroit.

Our mission is to dramatically change the odds for Detroit youth by ensuring they have exceptional learning and developmental opportunities. DCF partners with schools, leaders and educators to fund proven strategies that remove barriers to success and result in the creation of quality schools and exceptional educators.

All of our children have the potential to achieve, go to college, and succeed in life, but it’s up to our community to give them the opportunities they deserve.  Unfortunately, most children in our city do not have access to the kind of quality schools that can change their lives. That’s why we believe Detroit’s comeback must include access to a high-performing school for all children.  Without life-changing academic opportunities for all its youngest citizens, Detroit will struggle to become the city it aspires to be.


Our Values


WE VALUE RESULTS. We are relentless in the pursuit of a better education for Detroit students. We hold ourselves and each of our partners accountable in producing results.


WE VALUE GENEROSITY. Every gift counts. No matter how big or small, your donation matters.


WE VALUE COMMUNITY. We believe that everyone connected to Detroit has a role to play in its comeback, and that the most critical challenge to address is the quality of Detroit’s school system.


WE VALUE OUR MISSION… AND THE STUDENTS THAT WILL BENEFIT. Our mission is simple—to create more seats in good schools so Detroit children are best equipped for college and beyond. Every investment, every action and every decision is made with that in mind.


Why We’re Different


Detroit’s education landscape has been challenged for years and many well-meaning, smart people have worked hard to make things better. But DCF’s approach is different than past efforts. Here’s why:


DATA AND EVIDENCE DRIVEN. Our investing approach is targeted and focused on schools that are working and teams that can deliver outcomes. We will only invest in proven models and teams that have the experience, talent and operational ability to grow and start new schools. DCF is willing to say no, or not yet.


INVESTED IN TALENT. People, not models or organizations, are what drive change. Teachers, leaders, parents and communities are the forces that will make Detroit’s schools great. Innovative programs and models around the country are demonstrating that training teachers and leaders to lead great schools is part of the solution. DCF is focused on growing the base of talented educators in Detroit.


TESTED AND PROVEN. Several cities across the country have employed a similar approach and are starting to see results. Cities like Washington D.C., Denver and Indianapolis are seeing improvements in student outcomes and school quality. DCF is borrowing from what works.


CONNECTED WITH COMMUNITY. We know there are many communities, local leaders, business leaders, philanthropists and others with experience and knowledge about what Detroit needs in its schools. We aim to listen, learn and mine our city’s best ideas to achieve our goals. DCF is going to listen.


INCLUSIVE IN APPROACH. Schools of all types across Detroit are serving students. Parents and students care more about quality than governance models or school type and we agree. DCF will invest in any type of public school (charter or district) that is serving students successfully.