The Detroit Children’s Fund (DCF) has launched a new $900,000 Team Fellows Program that aims to bring advisors into Detroit schools to provide intensive coaching to principals, assistant principals, deans and other top administrators. The coaches will work with school leaders together as a team to collectively create improvement plans, then work to implement them. The program currently operates at Mumford Academy and two Detroit charter schools.

“At a foundational level, all high-performing schools have a clear vision for what they want to achieve,” said Jack Elsey, executive director of DCF. “They’re constantly assessing themselves and having others assess them. … The Team Fellows is designed to provide those reflective moments.”

DCF sees the Team Fellows Program model as one that could expand to across the city and provide a positive growth environment and support system for emerging leaders in Detroit’s education community. To learn more about the program and the impact it is making in Detroit schools, read a new article by Erin Einhorn of Chalkbeat Detroit.