We are committed to a 20 year vision, dramatically changing the odds for Detroit youth.


Choosing the most promising organizations with strong leaders

Long-term and strategic investment strategy

Deep knowledge & relationships in Detroit and the education field

Invest in the best

We only invest in the organizations with the highest potential to change the life trajectories for kids in Detroit. We look for strong leaders who have the potential to operate exceptional schools.

More than just money

We build long-term partnerships by deeply investing both financial capital and professional support to strengthen high-potential organizations. We examine rigorously, make big bets, take calculated risks, and practice a long-term approach to managing investments to maximize social return.

DCF + Skillman Foundation = Better investments

DCF is powered by a deep partnership with the Skillman Foundation. The Foundation has been working in Detroit since 1960 and is recognized as lead advocate for children in the city. Detroit Children's Fund and the Skillman Foundation share staff, allowing DCF to leverage the Foundation's deep relationships and knowledge.